Crafting with Family

Crafting with Family

Crafting with family could be fun and test your patience. And for me it involves my children and our cats. 


May 2019

Come on Mom, let's go and craft.

February 2019

Letters are fun. Good Mom has stamps with letters.

November 2018

Let's stamp some dinosaurs.

November 2018

Painting canvas is fun.

September 2018

Did you really think you could craft, while I'm sitting here?

June 2017

Let's make a bridge with washitape, cardboard and papers for the cars.

And making some more canvas with acrylics.

January 2017

And painting toilet rolls are fun too!

July 2016

Mom, let's make a chest!

May 2016

It can get messy when you paint.

April 2016

Let's start making some canvas by painting with acrylic colors.

February 2016

And then trying on the die-cutting with the Big Shot.

January 2016

Crafting with stars continued.

April 2015

Then the card making started by gluing down stars.

December 2014

Playing with clay is another thing we did.

November 2014

Crafting with pearls is fun.

August 2014

It started by painting with water colors. 

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